At a major evangelistic outreach  in Venezuela, GO Movement founder Werner Nachtigal witnessed, “lots of conversions and more healings than ever before in a hospital.”

Venezuela’s crippling poverty and unstable government and economy cause suffering among citizens driving them to leave the country. “Our path led us to Punto Fico, a remote town, to meet the people there in their hopelessness,” says GO Movement founder Werner Nachtigal. “There we witnessed how God’s light illuminated the dark situation of the people and brought hope into their hearts.”

Great miracles at the Crusade 

Thousands flocked to the football stadium on the first evening of the outreach. “That evening we prayed for the sick and saw God’s work,” said Nachgtigal. “It was breathtaking, the stage was filled with people who were healed – some no longer needed their crutches and reported how they were healed. Some of them were so beside themselves with joy that they started jumping and dancing.”

Boy’s eyesight restored

The moment a boy named Carlos was touched by God was particularly moving. He had extremely strong glasses with lenses like the bottoms of a bottle. Without his glasses, he couldn’t see anything. Werner prayed and Carlos took off his glasses with a smile – he could see again. 

Supernatural Healing in the Hospital 

Visits to the hospital revealed extraordinary healings and conversions. “I have rarely experienced so many healings, lots of conversions, but never so many healings in a hospital,” says Nachtigal.