Werner and Kai Nachtigal visited the war zone in Ukraine with a team. “We visited two villages and distributed 250 food parcels.  We were one of the first teams to arrive after the Russian occupation.”

“These two villages suffered ten months under Russian occupation,” explains Kai Nachtigal. “We were one of the first teams to come after liberation.”  The hunger not only for food but also for spiritual food was huge. «Almost all people have chosen to live with Jesus and have taken him into their hearts as Saviour.»

A light has come to the place

Someone later gave the feedback that a light had come into the village.  The visits were held during the Orthodox Christmas season, i.e. on January 6. A meeting  and an outreach were    organized in Odessa. Kai Nachtigal continues: “We have around 300 women and children – there were no men because they were at war.  Afterwards we had a great road operation. It was the first outreach on the street. Afterwards we had a great road operation. It was the first outreach on the street. Because normally there aren’t many people outside.”

Outreach for Christmas

Because there was peace during Christmas, many people were outside. “That was very powerful. Then we went to a secret military base. We were able to explain the gospel to about 25 soldiers.”

On the front line

One day, the team visited the city of Kherson and was also close to the front line. “50 people came to a church service, they were rescued. The rockets were heard during the service, but the peace of God in the room was very strong.  We took to the streets in small teams, the missiles flew overhead, and we heard them hit.  The outreach lasted about half an hour, five to seven people were saved by Jesus.”

The best hope

Kai Nachtigal emphasizes: “In the war we talked about the peace of God. That is the greatest hope. To have a true peace, no matter what the circumstances are. Jesus died for us and He was resurrected. We can have a personal relationship with him. And we reported on that. That’s what it’s all about. Of course, we also helped with food parcels and warm clothes. But   the most important thing is that we brought the gospel. This has the greatest impact.”