Continue to Peru, where a congregation went out and gathered a crowd through music, then shared their faith. They used THE FOUR to preach the Gospel. A member of THE FOUR team reports: “We stayed with a missionary friend in the slums of Lima for fifteen days and were there from day one. Before we arrived, a Swiss-Peruvian missionary couple had prepared and introduced several training courses with THE FOUR, printed tracts and organized evangelistic materials. And so I had four assignments with people traveling several hours away. They translated from Swiss German into Spanish for hours, and then we all went out together and enthusiastically applied what we had learned. People were fascinated by the simplicity and creativity and then enthusiastically shared their experiences – several people chose to live with Jesus! And already after the first training, five churches from different parts of Peru were interested in doing further training of this kind. Thank you Jesus! I have mandated a team of 12 for this service and have appointed a local leader for THE FOUR Peru, whom we are now supporting and releasing to expand this work in the country.”