The GO Day was the highlight of the entire tour: Joshua and his kids from youth work were there – he has built up youth work over the past 20 years and has now taken over 500 children and young people out of the ghettos. He takes them to rehab, teaches them basic trades (bakery, carpentry), they go through school, grow in faith and learn how to live their relationship with Jesus.

Everyone was there at the GO Day. The ghettos were also visited. “One of the boys left this ghetto four months ago and came to Joshua, the people there still knew him. In this ghetto people live in a cemetery and smoke the bones of the dead. You are addicted to drugs. We preached there, prayed for people, about 40 people gave their lives to Jesus, five or six gave up their drugs, that’s a strong sign.” The entire Liberia outreach was so life changing, Joshua said he had never experienced anything like it in his 20 years of service! At the Crusade and the Outreach in Liberia, a total of 1006 people chose Jesus.