For the international GO Month, Bastian Decker, head of GO Movement Germany, initiates a bookmark with online resources for sharing the faith. 

“Many Christians seem to find it difficult to share their faith. But sharing hope is not difficult,” says Bastian Decker, head of Go Movement Germany. 

Together with some associations (FeG, Baptists, etc.) and organizations (SCM, New Life) from the Lausanne movement, “we have developed a tool that can help every Christian to talk to other people about Jesus”. 

The idea is quite simple: “A free bookmark on which everyone can write three names of friends, acquaintances or work colleagues.” You put this bookmark in your Bible or a devotional book that you read regularly, and every time you read it, you are reminded to pray for these three people. “After praying for these people for a while, you invite them individually for dinner, barbecue, coffee and cake or something else.”  This year, for the first time, “One” will also be held in Germany: “‘ONE’ means reaching one person per month or per week or per day”