After a prayer, a man experienced healing in a Muslim area during GO Month. The village noticed this – as a result, a church was founded, which immediately became active itself on GO Day.

“GO Month was a major breakthrough in terms of people who have found Jesus, church planting, healings, and miracles that God has done,” says Marcel Awuku, national coordinator of the GO Movement in Sierra Leone.

A very special event happened in Karene. “This place is 100 percent Muslim. For more than 200 years, a church could never be founded. Now an outreach has been carried out at this location during GO Month,” said Awuku. This is where a sick man was healed.

Many find miracles

“Through this miracle, a church was subsequently founded, which is now attended by 26 people. Many of them took part in GO Day afterward,” says Awuku. “More and more reports are coming in and it is clear that more than 200,000 people have found Jesus Christ during GO Month. And more than 350,000 Christians were involved. Among other things, for example, two Muslim women found Jesus after they had been prayed for and were able to experience healing.”

Looking for your own place

The challenge is Christians meet in a Muslim school and this could come to an end at any time. “We were allowed to meet there temporarily. We trust that God will establish a structure there.”