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GO Movement Flyer 2023

Download the promotional flyer for 2023. Including: GO Month, GO Day and other activities.

GO Movement Agenda 2022

Download the GO Movement Agenda for 2022. Including: GO Month, GO Day and other activities.

GO Decade Commitment Form

Download the GO Decade Commitment Form and sign up your ministry to help reach the goal to share the Gospel with every person on earth.

22.06.2022 | Workshop Webinar: «Back to church Sunday»

Back to church Sunday is part of our yearly activity for GO Movement that in the month of September, we encourage every church worldwide to use this momentum to urge believers who have abandoned going to church and also invite new people to attend a Bible-based church in their area.

GO Train 2022

GO Train 2023

Have you ever felt unable or not sure about how to share Gospel? Join us and ­learn how to do it. Established ­evangelism-coaches share their ­insights and knowledge.

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