Every Believer is a Witness

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A Day to tell someone about Jesus

Every believer is a witness. We encourage you to join millions of believers and share the Gospel with at least one person on the last Saturday in May.

Prayer and Evangelism in May

Join us and dedicate 5 weeks to intensively praying and sharing the Gospel in May.

Intensify Prayer and evangelism

Many ministries committed themselves to work together and focus on prayer for the harvest, care for the people, sharing the Gospel, and making disciples, to help fulfill the Great Commission.

DO you need help?

Have you ever struggled with evangelism? Learn how to share the Gospel in an easy way.

Approaches and Ideas

Get inspired by established ways to share the Gospel from years of experience.

It starts with ONE

Make the challenge your own; Reach one person with the Gospel every day, week, or month. Including special challenges for GO Month.

Support Evangelism

Please, consider donating to help us reach the world with the Gospel.

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These featured activities are not everything we do. Take a look at our activity calendar.

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