Make reaching people a habit

Reaching the world is difficult, but everyone can reach someone! We encounter people who need Jesus everyday, so why not make it a habit to reach them with the Gospel? Every month, every week, or even every day.

It starts with ONE


Pray for God to provide you an opportunity to share the Gospel each month. Take courage and approach someone, or just start a conversation to tell someone about Jesus. Everyone can do that.

Reach 12 people within a year. Start immediately or try sharing the on GO Day.

Motivate some friends and share the Gospel once a month on #GoShareDay.


Start your week with prayer. Then, look for opportunities to share the Gospel with someone. Since you’re talking to many people during a regular week, use occurring conversations to tell someone about Jesus.

Reach 5 people within a month or up to 52 people within a year. To get started become a part of GO Month.


Start every day with prayer. Then seek opportunities to share the Gospel. You will need to actively approach someone you might not know, but God and his Gospel power will be with you.

You can reach 30-31 people within a month. Get started in May and become a part of GO Month.

Imagine reaching 365 people within a year.

Kyle Lance Martin from Texas, UsA, took the ONE-A-DAY challenge and found a car with a raging alarm.

He waited for the owner and talked to him. Kyle asked to pray for him, and they read through parts of the Bible. Something changed and the car owner said: „I felt something…“ at home he prayed to experience God. He surrendered his life to Jesus and immediately texted Kyle. They are now in the process of discipleship.

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join the ONE-A-Day in May Challenge

Many have taken the challenge to reach one person every day during May 2022.

If you want to get reminded, hit join and choose Activity + ONE in the form. We will send you everything you need for ONE-A-DAY in May.