The population of an entire small town – 56,930 people – decided to follow Christ during GO Month 2023. Over 150,000 Christians participated making GO Month 2023 a success in this West African Republic. Christians mobilized in communities leading up to GO Month.”We reached those we couldn’t meet in person by phone,” a team member wrote in the latest report from Ghana. “We explained that evangelism should not be a core mission of a few people, but rather a responsibility for all believers. Many believers have now made evangelism a way of life.”


Many Christians went from house to house to talk to people about their faith. In addition, numerous outreaches on the road were carried out. The Jesus film was also shown in rural areas in the five regions of Ghana. Over 150,000 Christians (150,427) reached almost half a million people (495,499) with the gospel. 56,930 people chose Jesus Christ.


The GO Movement Ghana works together with the Church of Pentecost, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Assemblies of God, the Methodist Church, and many other partners such as Every Home for Christ and Jesus Film. The report of the GO Movement Ghana continues: “Most of the Christians who took part asked to be able to participate in future projects. Many people have been saved, healed, and freed from their shackles. Many Christians from the various churches and organizations are now making evangelism part of their daily routine to win souls to Christ.”