In Flensburg and Hamburg this year’s summer2go started in Germany, reports the organization team. “With around 60 participants, we were able to reach over 1000 people on the A-Tour in direct conversations with the gospel and 119 people decided to live with God.” A Buddhist said that a week earlier she found she could not find fulfillment in her religion and went in search of the truth. During the conversation she heard about a similar story, so that she too decided in favor of Jesus.

In Flensburg, a woman experienced a wonderful bachelor party. She was approached by several summer2go participants and in the end she decided to invite Jesus into her life. It brought about so much change in her that she recognized things in her life that weren’t good for her.

«In Augsburg we met a young woman in a wheelchair. She was a believer in God and used to be a member of the Royal Rangers, but had never invited Jesus into her heart. We were allowed to pray this prayer with her and she immediately began to smile and you could see a huge inner firework. Even after praying for healing, she felt warmth on the injured area on her back. She said we were her highlight of the day!”

After a play, the team was approached by a woman because she had seen her life in it. In the conversation that followed, she decided in favor of Jesus, but not only that: she had learned a lot about God and wanted to be baptized. “So we scheduled her baptism at the lake for the next day, and that evening four more people came who wanted to be baptized. Among other things, her boyfriend, who only decided for Jesus at the lake and then immediately got into the water! In total we were able to share the gospel with 1,983 people and pray for 1,794 on both tours. We were able to celebrate five baptisms, 60 people were healed and 224 invited Jesus into their lives.»