”The Islamic influence from the north is great, they come with money and clear strategies. At the same time, millions of people found Jesus last GO month,” says Stephen Mutua. The Africa-Continental leader of the GO Movement is meeting this week together with other GO Movement leaders from all over the world in Grindelwald, in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. Together with key partners from organizations such as EE, Jesus Film, End of Bible Poverty, Billion Soul Harvest, and many more, we continue to work on the strategy of how to reach all people with the gospel in the GO Decade from 2023 to 2033.

Evangelizing has become a culture, Stephen Mutua notes. His heart burns for his continent. And in recent years, a lot has been set in motion. “The goal was for 15 million Christians to pass on the faith in the month of May. However, there were 47 million who participated. We’re working on it day and night.” It can be challenging for representatives from other continents to hear such figures, Mutua continued. “Jesus told the disciples not only to plan, but to do it.

In Africa, we love to do things.” And they also challenge each other: “If a church says we want to win 500 new believers, then we say: Try to reach 1,000. We have a great God.” In one place, he also met people who knew the Coca-Cola brand but never heard of Jesus. “That can’t be.” One of the fundamental ideas of the conference in Grindelwald is that every person in Africa and around the world should have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.

A young man reads an evangelistic flyer