“I was just getting home last week when my neighbor called out to me,” writes Gilly Stott from England of a GO Month experience. “But I couldn’t hear it because of a passing car. Now I had no polite alternative but to go and talk to my neighbor! He had had a tough week with severe sciatic pain in his back, hip and leg. I knew then that I had stumbled upon a divine appointment. I offered to pray for him. He joked at first but accepted my offer. I ordered the pain to go, the muscles, the spasm and the sciatic nerve to relax. My neighbor checked himself by turning around several times. The pain was gone. Only a certain stiffness remained. I also ordered the stiffness to go. My neighbor then bent to the right and touched his toes – twice! He was completely pain free and had full freedom of movement. I explained to him that Jesus did this to reveal his reality, love and power to him. I am now praying for a follow-up conversation with him.”