Together we made history

“Never could I have imagined what could evolve out of a simple vision. From its humble beginnings in 2010, emerged a huge worldwide movement. What God has done in 10 years is extraordinary.” — Werner Nachtigal, President of GO Movement

On October 30th, 2020, we celebrated our 10th-anniversary.

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The Impossible Is Possible — 10 Years of GO Movement


Receiving a vision — 2010

It was the 2010 Reformation weekend when I had an intense encounter with God. I was in Pakistan, a very dangerous area for evangelization. We had to be guarded by several snipers. Precisely in this situation God gave me a tremendous vision:

I saw a huge wave going around the world and an endless number of Christians preaching the Gospel. This wave of evangelism encircling the earth was all about Jesus, not about a ministry or a church movement. Every Christian, every church, or denomination united for evangelism.

For two days I experienced God‘s presence more intensely than ever before, but then my mind started to think in German again. To mobilize the whole world for evangelism? That should not be a problem! … How humorous: An unknown evangelist without much money and a network wants to mobilize the world. This is either from God or impossible!

The first GO Day — 2012

A Kick-Off with RCCG

The kick-off for the first GO Day (Global Outreach Day) took place in the world’s largest arena with room for a million people in Lagos, Nigeria. It belongs to the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). Getting to meet Pastor Adeboye is very difficult. But God opened the door, and I promised that a very famous preacher would kick off the GO Day.

The famous preacher canceled and to my surprise Pastor Adeboye didn’t even ask about him but told me he prayed about the GO Day and that his whole network of 30,000 churches would be there.

GO Day is not about famous preachers it’s about every Christian being a witness, praying: “Lord Jesus, the harvest is plenty, but the workers are few, use me.”

For some GO Day was the last chance

The next day we took many Christians to Kuramo Beach, where the poorest people from Lagos live.  We brought the Gospel to them, and about 500 people gave their lives to Jesus. Later a  tsunami came and destroyed the whole beach. People died, but others were saved twice. The people who accepted Jesus then weren’t at the beach, thanks to the church.

I felt a real need to preach the Gospel when I heard it. Someones eternity is at stake.

GO Day evolves 2013-2019

Reaching a Nation

GO Day spread worldwide, and over 100 countries were involved. At a mission conference, leaders from Nepal joined us to reach every Nepali household with the Gospel. It seemed outlandish; is it even possible to reach a Hindu nation? Many Nepali Christians were on the road for days to reach even the families in the mountains .

Overcoming Persecution

Meanwhile, Christians in 135 countries joined in on GO Day.  741,150 people come to Christ through a large nationwide campaign in Ghana. Christians in the mission field experience severe persecution in China and India! China‘s State Security put the GO Day team under surveillance. Although hundreds of agents chased them, they distributed millions of Gospel tracts.

Starting to intensify Prayer

Prayer has always been an important part of GO Day. We formed important alliances with Global Day of Prayer, The Call, and International House of Prayer to pray with Christians from all over the world before GO Day.

… and Evangelism

GO Day spreads across the entirety  of Africa. In Nigeria, 30,000 churches were trained in personal evangelism, and 95,030 people came to faith. Even into the deepest Congolian rainforest where the unreached pygmy tribes live. Several churches were planted as a result.

Shaping the future

Billy Graham, arguably the most influential evangelist in the world, said: “We must wake the sleeping giant, the church.” He died on Feb. 21, 2018. On the same day, several denomination leaders met and decided to make a difference with GO 2020:

The goal was to mobilize 100 million Christians to reach 1 billion people.

More than just talking

  • About 200,000 Christians are active in the Dominican Republic on GO Day.
  • Over 100,000 people have been baptized in five years, including a 100-year-old woman who came to faith on  GO Day.
  • Several prisoners were baptized.
  • Christianity grew by 5%.

equipping the church

A key to the success of GO Day (Global Outreach Day) is training Christians with no experience in personal evangelism. Many have never been taught, are afraid, have no desire at all, or feel anxious.

GO Movement helped them overcoming their fears, inferiority, passivity, or feelings of inability. Those who have been taught and discovered how easy it can be to share the Gospel often develop a lifestyle of evangelism.

GO 2020 introduces a new era

Plot twist: Pandemic

After two years of planning, we were prepared for GO 2020 with numerous ministries, denominations, and churches committed: 4 events with 5 M people each; 40 extra events in hundreds of cities worldwide. But then Covid-19 came and it felt like the world stopped turning.

But Christian leaders still said that GO 2020 was uniquely placed in a time like this. Covid-19 stirred an urgency in prayer and evangelism. God made something incredible happen that no one expected:


Despite the crisis, more than 50 million Christians are standing together, praying to God, caring for those around them, and sharing the Gospel. That is the unity we have never seen before.

„What an amazing season from Passover to Pentecost 2020! In the midst of a global pandemic, we have seen a massive increase in prayer and unity in the body of Christ! It has been astounding to watch so many come together in an expression of John 17 ‘oneness’ across nations, denominations, and generations for the fulfillment of the great commission!“ — Jason Hubbard, International Payer Connect

Our first steps into Decade 2033


In October 2020, there was a historic digital gathering of 175 key leaders from over 80 countries, passionate about the Great Commission being fulfilled.

GLobal Coalition

Representatives of some of the biggest denominations and ministries, such as World Evangelical Alliance, Baptist World Alliance, Pentecostal-Charismatic Churches of North America, GMO, GKPN, CRU, YWAM, EHC, GDOP, EE, 24:14, GACX, and many others, agreed to stand together to reach the world. They formed the Global Coalition to mobilize believers for prayer and evangelism during Decade 2033.