At the “GO Movement Gathering Grindelwald,” GO Movement leaders further developed the planning for the GO Decade together with various plans and initiatives.

The worldwide leadership meeting of the GO Movement in the “GriWa” congress center happened to take place parallel to the WEF in Davos – without this being deliberately planned: A few dozen men and women from many different countries of the world met from January 15 to 19 for consultation and planning. The director of a worldwide missionary organization sat next to a 19-year-old evangelist from Hawaii – mature leaders with decades of experience alongside young newcomers with a common passion to carry out the Great Commission by 2033 so that every person worldwide has heard the gospel at least once.


The collaboration of dozens of nationally, continentally, and globally active mission societies, denominations, and networks have the goal of calling, equipping, and sending every Christian in the world to be an active witness of Christ.

At Pentecost 2023, the official starting signal for the GO Decade is to be given in Jerusalem, in which as many large community associations, networks, and groups as possible commit to achieving the goal of carrying out the Great Commission within ten years.


The GO Movement is a collaboration of unprecedented breadth. In addition, to GO Movement leaders from various countries and continents, representatives of Billion Soul Harvest, Evangelism Explosion (EE), Cru, GACX, Global Media Outreach, IPC, 24:14, RCCG, End of Bible Poverty, and MIES were present in Grindelwald.

“Everyone can win someone – together we reach the world”: millions of ordinary Christians discover for the first time the joy of being witnesses; the “sleeping giant” has woken up.


As one of the participants in Grindelwald put it: “Graham, Palau, and Bonnke are no longer there – now it’s all our turn.” It is no longer about individual, well-known preachers or conferences and major events – but about the entire body of Christ setting out together and becoming active.

Thus, the “Jesus” film makes its resources available to everyone today; mature leaders offer their know-how and experience to young movements. Worshippers serve church planters, worshippers become evangelists.


These elements in their interaction can create a synergy in the coming decade that the world has not yet seen. The start of the “GO Decade of Evangelism” is Pentecost 2023, and the destination is the year 2033 – not coincidentally the 2000th anniversary of the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.