Creating a lifestyle of evangelism

YOU are important

How did you experience God? Why do you believe in him? Your experiences are important for the people around you. Take the opportunity to have an impact on your community and follow Jesus’s calling into the Great Commission as a witness for Christ. We know the Great Commission: “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19), Jesus also said: “You will be filled with the Holy Spirit and you will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8).

Our question is: 

What will we do with this calling? How can we become a witness for Christ?

Everyone is reaching someone. Together we are reaching the world!

GO Lifestyle aligns with GO Movement’s vision. It’s mission is to:  

  • Empower and inspire believers to make sharing their faith part of their everyday lives.
  • Provide resources, guides and challenges to help Christians become autonomous Gospel-sharers (witnesses).
  • Establish a culture that encourages an outspoken and active Christianity with a biblical foundation.

As an Individual

ONE: Sharing the Gospel with one person every day/week/month.

My5: Ask God to highlight 5 people in your life who don’t know Jesus and pray & care for them and share the Gospel with them.


As a Team

Sharing the Gospel as a team regularly.







This guide will help you activate your church and lead them into an evangelistic lifestyle.






How to integrate evangelism into everyday life

With a few simple tools and the help of the Holy Spirit we will overcome our anxieties and surely turn evangelism into a part of our identity as Christians.

Micro steps

Learn how to share the Gospel personally

There is a four step cycle we call micro steps to connect people with God:

Prayer, Exploration, Action, Celebration. With introducing only a few kingdom-minded habits you will establish these in no time.

  •  Pray for your community
  • Explore your God-given opportunities
  • Take action and share the Gospel 
  • Celebrate God’s glory

Training in personal Evangelism 

Sharing the Gospel in 3 simple steps

Our 3Steps training provides you with an easy to follow guide and helpful tips for your next conversation about Jesus and his Gospel. Learn how to approach someone, how to tell your testimony, how to share the Gospel and how to lead someone to Christ. 


  • Step 1: Start a conversation 
  • Step 2: Share the Gospel
  • Step 3: Lead them to Christ. 

Click here to Learn


Ideas on how to start

Challenge yourself with ONE

Taking the challenge to reach someone regularly will help you establish your kingdom-minded habits.

  • Reach ONE a Day
  • Reach ONE a Week
  • Reach ONE a Month

Go to online training

“Telling someone about Jesus every day has totally changed me. It becomes so normal to reach people in every situation. At the cash register, in the reastaurant, even in a public bathroom. At this time, I have reached 2230 people only in personal conversations and 450 have decided for Jesus.” – WN

Pray for your 5

Ask God to highlight 5 (or more) people in your life who don’t currently know Jesus. Think of your friends, family, school, workplace, or neighborhood. Write down their names and commit to pray for them daily. (We’ll call these your “5”.)


Join different GO Movement Activities

GO Lifestyle is powered by GO Movement a network of organizations with the desire to reach the world. Make yourself available to God and take every opportunity to share the Gospel, like GO Month (hyperlink) and GO Day (hyperlink). 

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GO Month is an easy way share your faith, especially if you never did it before.

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