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Go Guide 2023

GO Guide for individuals

By downloading the full “action kit for individuals” you’ll get access to the GO Guide, a prayer card, and other helpful resources. (The “action kit for leaders” comes with even more useful resources for email marketing etc.)


1. GO Guide for individuals

The GO Guide comes packed with inspiration and motivation for a powerful GO Month. Get ready for prayer and action!



2. MY5 Prayer Card

The Prayer Card is a helpful reminder to keep praying for the people you want to reach in May. Print the card and start praying. 


3. Banners and social media posts

Do you want to share GO Month on your social media channels? We’ve got you covered with posts and banners to share with your audience.


Additional Content for Leaders

We made a GO Guide specifically for pastors and leaders to inspire you and your congregation as well as extra content for your email campaigns and presentations.

  • Communications Playbook
  • GO Guide for Leaders
  • Banners and posts for social media and websites
  • Social media campaign
  • Email campaign
  • Promo flyer

Download the guide for free:


Apr 20, 2023 | Allgemein