As the GO Decade vision is being cast in different areas of Malawi, it has provided an easy way of making evangelism and discipleship a lifestyle. The training of believers is a vital component since it helps resolve the unfounded fears, doubts and timidity of many believers when it comes to sharing their faith. More believers are gaining confidence to speak to their lost friends and relatives about Jesus.  

Intensifying prayer has also strengthened the ordinary Christian for the task. Nothing builds confidence like prayer, and more especially corporate prayer. Preparing in prayer for a fixed date or a fixed number of people you are intending to reach (MY 5), helped many believers prepare, go over scriptures and encourage themselves ahead of the task. 

The greatest thing is when ordinary Christians find themselves in the harvest field filled with testimonies of the lost responding to the Gospel. Witnessing one saved soul will energize you to keep preaching the Gospel. during GO Month we saw people who were once drunkards, atheists, and cult leaders being changed by the power of the Gospel as Romans 1:16 says. Christ has the power to save.