The most active regions this year were those of the West, North, Adamawa, Far North and center of Cameroon. There were parachurches and prominent denominations that gathered for this time of evangelism.  

Various networks have been very active in mobilizing, planning prayer times, spreading awareness and holding seminaries, training sessions, and outreaches. Local churches conducted crusades with nightly evangelistic weekends in areas where there were few to no Christian communities. 

Christians in the North and the Far North the teams targeted the villages and suburbs of large metropolises, generally Muslim areas. In the west, caravans were conducted on Saturdays and Sundays; every Wednesday, the teams were deployed in the administrative services to proclaim Christ and be witnesses to his love. 

The evangelization group called “Les Semeurs” chose the opportunity of the 2023 school and university games in the Adamaoua region of Ngaoundere engaging in evangelizing door to door, in crusades, cities, market places, and targeting public service staff. In the Western region evangelists obtained permission to share the Gospel in State Services Offices from the governor himself.  

GO Month is becoming a lifestyle and habit in many local communities. This habit is reflected in an annual plan for action where evangelism, discipleship and church planting are the focus.