Before the month of May we prepared for the mobilization and got connected with churches, ministries, movements and organizations around the country. 

Our goal in 2022 was to reach  1,000,000 people with the message of hope, for this we managed to mobilize 538 churches. Each church had around 30   participants. Added to personal evangelism, we also used other means such as: Radio Outreach, Social Outreach. Each local church had the objective of evangelizing in the communities adjacent to where the church was located by making visits throughout the month of GO VENEZUELA. Each week had a different focus.

The first week had the focus on Prayer under the motto of “God can do it with you”, the second week focused on the Bible under the motto of “A Guide to Your Life”. Then the third week was all about inviting ministries and churches to join the movement, the fourth week focused on baptisms and, finally, the fifth week focused on the day of Pentecost were many unbelievers were reached with the Gospel. As a result of all this:

– 766,147 people were reached

– 19,869 Christians were mobilized

– 288,367 unbelievers came to Christ

– 538 churches were mobilized