Christian actress “Tangmo” died from drowning on the famous river in Bangkok. This was headline news for over 2 months during an investigation.

During that time, Campus Crusade Thai ran a campaign to share the hope of Jesus. In a nation of firm Buddists and only 1% of Christians this had a remarkable impact!

– 470,000 people reached
– 233,000 Christians participated
– 157 people prayed in repentance
– 130 were followed up for Bible study and fellowship in a local church

God works all things for good. Through the death of this one Christian actress, 157 people were led to life and many more are still listening to the Gospel.

Media has been used as a multiplier – our youth are the smartphone generation- we can reach them with the best message of all: that though we are sinful, if we repent and put our faith in Christ we can be saved!