Before the beginning of April, 2,070 churches from different denominations visited homes around their churches where they prayed for families and evangelized them. More than 800,000 families and homes were reached.

After that, more churches joined GO Month in May, and finally, every week of the month nearly 6,000 churches participated in evangelism.

Mexican churches and Christians shared Christ through:
– Street evangelism
– Outreaches in hospitals and prisons
– Car rallies
– Marches
– Personal evangelism
– Visiting neighborhoods
– Parties for children
– Virtual campaigns
– Networking through WhatsApp, tiktok, Facebook, radio, etc.
– In-person crusades

There is the need to not just go out and distribute tracts but to take care of the new believers. We are connecting with ministries whose main focus is to disciple, and we are moving ahead to follow up on the results. Here is a preview of the achievements of this year:

– 790 pastors and leaders and 4000 Christianstrained in evangelism
– 6000 churches participating GO Month
– 100,000 participating Christians
– Around 1.5 million people reached with the Gospel
– 750,000 decisions for Christ
– 3,000 people baptized
– 80% of news converts integrated into churches
– 250 new churches planted

After 2 years of pandemic, it was time to go out again!