As the GO Decade vision is being cast in different areas of Malawi, it has provided an easy way to evangelize and make disciples as a lifestyle. The training of believers is one vital component. Jesus needed 3 years to train his followers for such a task. We have seen what one simple training can do to open the eyes of the believers and also build their capacity to engage in personal witnessing for Christ.

Building the capacity of evangelizing in believers causes the unfounded fears, doubts and timidity to vanish. Now, more believers are gaining confidence to speak to their lost friends and relatives about Jesus.

Intensifying prayer preparation has also strengthened the ordinary Christian for the task. Nothing builds confidence like prayer, and more especially corporate prayer. Preparing in prayer for a fixed date or a fixed number of people you are intending to reach (MY 5), helped many believers to train, go over scriptures and encourage themselves ahead of the task.

The greatest thing I would think is when the ordinary Christian finds himself in the harvest field surrounded by unbelievers who are responding to the Gospel. One experience of a saved soul will energize you for another one, and another as we see people who were once drunkards, atheists, cultural leaders being changed by the power of the Gospel. We realize that Romans 1:16 is an all-time truth. By 2030, everyone should be reached with the Gospel through God’s power.

Some of the results we witnessed are:
– 55 pastors and 1,283 Christians trained
– 20,000 people reached with the Gospel
– 900 decisions for Christ

The truth is, to achieve all of this collaboration was needed. The denominations and churches who took part of GO Month provided human resources, and para-ecclesiastical ministries brought in their capabilities in training. In the future we wish we will have resources to engage in social media because these contribute to a larger “scope” and “visibility” for the vision to be well known and widely received.