Outreaches were carried out in the capital of Liberia, Monrovia, including schools, hospitals, slums/ghetto, markets, restaurants where even prostitutes and drug addicts were reached with the Gospel.

Liberia, a third world country, is one of the poorest countries in the world (among the 20 poorest countries) and has 5+ million inhabitants.

The country is 85% Christian, the rest of the country is either Muslim or followers of another religion. Accordingly, many people already know who the God of the Bible is, but they don’t necessarily have a personal relationship with God.

Throughout the journey of preaching the Gospel around the country we noticed how God guided us and protected us.

Many things run in parallel,
– Filming of a documentary about the former warlord General Butt Naked (now Evangelist Joshua M. Blahyi)
– Hosting a crusade with over 4,700 visitors
– Leading outreaches in schools, hospitals, marketplaces, and ghettos

Which led to:
– 1115 people reached with the Gospel
– 997 people who received Prayer
– 773 decision for Christ

Glory be to God for the work he is doing in Liberia!