GO Month 2022 has seen one of the most involving and highest commitments from the GO Movement in Ghana. Prior to May, the chapter had an intensive preparation from Evangelism training, Mobilizing Christians, and denominations. Activities were carried out in these five regions: Northern Region, Oti Region, Greater Accra Regio, Upper East Region, and Volta Region and it was a huge success due to these two factors:

1) Churches’ leadership was mobilized, 2) Para-Church groups and networks were included in the GO Teams

As part of conscious efforts to encourage recruited believers to make evangelism and discipleship a lifestyle pre/ post the month of evangelism, believers are coached on daily basis with the help of the regional and church leaders and encouraged to spread the word on daily basis either at work, school or home. Priority is given to encouraging believers to study the word constantly so they are well edified so as to rightly divide the word of truth.
Our initial goal was to mobilize 30,000 christians, but we were only able to mobilize 17,324 which accounts for 58% of the total. A comprehensive two (3) days training (in each Region) was held for all believers who partook in the outreach.

Another goal we set was to reach five hundred thousand (500,000) individuals with the Gospel, nevertheless the campaign was greatly overwhelmed with a total reach of two hundred and thirty five thousand three hundred and eighty four (219,384) individuals from all five regions. Out of these 11,856 individuals accepted Christ!

Thousands of Christians who joined the evangelism availed themselves and kept consistent with their commitment to shepherd the 11,856 new converts from the May outreach. There was a synergized effort between, GO Movement, believers and local churches to ensure new converts had a church to fellowship and a guide/Christian to grow them on this journey of Christianity. Local churches also assigned some members in the church to help augment the efforts on earlier assigned believers to new converts.

With the assistance of the local churches, new converts were taken through a mandatory three weeks ‘New Converts” Bible study class before been baptized. Baptisms were held in two different set of batches due to new converts completing the class out of the scheduled time frame. In all, 300 were baptized across the five regions, whiles at the start approximately 890 were undergoing discipleship class.