In Eswatini, Our Main focus is to Reach Homes with the Gospel.

Reaching homes with the gospel of Jesus Christ is what we exist for as Every Home for Christ. We mobilize pastors and their local churches in every community to reconsider visiting families right where they live. Our mission is; “To serve the Church by equipping and
mobilizing believers to participate in sharing the truth and love of Jesus with every person and home in Eswatini.” And our vision is; “That every person in Eswatini would have a genuine opportunity to respond to the truth and salvation we have in Jesus Christ.” This means that we work very hard to bring discomfort to sitting passively in churches, but absolute comfort and fulfillment in going out to gather harvest.

We make sure that our team members have one quality in common, a passion for the lost. If one doesn’t have a passion for harvesting souls, he or she can find it very hard to be part of this team, because we don’t only organize and train in gatherings, but we also go out of the office and visit homes ourselves! This exercise is never strenuous to us, we love doing it!

We love to see people accepting the Lord into their hearts. We thank God that May’s report recorded another increment in mobilizing 67 churches. This gives me hope that a total coverage of reaching homes will be achieved very soon. Let’s join hands in reaching our communities! Together we can do it quicker.

Regarding the work done in the Month of Global Outreach, our four Regional Coordinators were very busy mobilizing believers and recruiting them to reach homes with the gospel of Jesus Christ, which resulted in a whopping harvest of 409 this month of May 2022. This is equivalent to 27 passenger-full Toyota Quantum buses! We also reached 4,342 homes for Christ.

The words of Jesus when He said, “the harvest is plentiful…” can never be understood by believers who are sitting in churches claiming immunity to the Great Commission of our Lord. But can be understood only by those who respond positively to His call when he said, “Go ye therefore…” Our team has always attested to this truth of plentiful harvest as people continue to give their lives to Christ in the home to home outreaches that we do every week. The regional Coordinator in the Hhohho Region, Reverend David Kunene, said, “Many people find difficulty in giving their lives to Christ in church services where everyone is watching and also they have no opportunities for asking questions. So, visiting their homes gives them these opportunities to understand the gospel.”