My first interaction with GO Movement was in November of 2020, but the vision couldn’t be implemented until May of 2021 which is when we joined GO Month as a local church. Then in January of 2022, we had Werner Nachtigal as a guest speaker in Global Family Church. That set the stage for our partnership with GO Movement. We and with Beat Baumman formulated a work plan for the Mena Region.

As preparation for GO Month, prayer meetings were held in April, we asked all our partners to have a weekly prayer for lost souls. Regarding training we gave independence to each local church to use their own resources, and off we launched the Month of Global Evangelism which continued after May!

Participants were encouraged to do a follow up, encourage the new believers to join house groups, local churches fellowship or start a small group to be properly discipled (John 15:16).

In MENA region, evangelism is a crime as per the Law of the land. Hence, we trained believers to do one on one Evangelism. We taught them not to be pushy, not to disrespect the religion of the people being evangelized, but to focus on the Kingdom of God, the Love of Jesus Christ and their Personal Testimony.

Having a tract with the 4 Spiritual Laws was a great help. We printed 20,000 in English, 5,000 in Arabic and 2,000 Bracelets of 4 THE FOUR. These were distributed to all 40+ Churches, who used the material when sharing the Gospel.

The impact the followers of Christ had was great! GO Movement challenged Christians to take part in GO Month, now many want to continue for the rest of the year. A believer expressed she was part of a team and she cried and felt guilty because there are so many people who have never heard of Jesus Christ. She did not realize up until now the importance of sharing the Gospel.

During the time of mobilization and evangelism we had:
– 350 Pastors and 3,408 Christians trained
– 3,463 people reached with the Gospel
– 2,752 decisions for Christ
– 125 people baptized

This is the great command of Jesus Christ, to fulfill the Great Commission. It is the work God has appointed to us. We are fully committed to reach every person on the face of the earth with the Gospel by 2033, and we will do our part. There are places in our country where only 0.01% of the population is a Christian, it is our hope that we will reach every unreached group in the next 10 years.