The month of May 2022, we had our first edition of GO Month without any COVID-19 related restrictions. The month was planned to mobilize churches and believers during five weeks of intensive training on evangelism. Each week we focused on different aspects of evangelism to fulfill the Great Commission.

The first week of May we focused on prayer. Local churches were called to pray as a way to launch the Month of Global Outreach. Some groups prayed in hospitals, in police departments, prisons, schools, and parks. The second week the emphasis was on caring for the needy. This was supported by the Samaritan´s Feet ministry, which donated 5,000 pairs of flip flops. Believers also steward their time to clean streets, give free haircuts, donate food, clothes and so on.

The third week the emphasis was on personal testimony, challenging the believers to share their testimony at school, work, neighborhoods and on-line. Thousands of young people were mobilized specially at school to explain the meaning of THE FOUR symbols, which were used as the main resource. Finally, the fourth week was focused on proclaiming the gospel in different and creative ways. The motto we used that week was that “every believer is a witness, together we can reach the world.” Local believers were mobilized in public places and send to share the Gospel from home to home.

On the GO Day, the last Saturday of May, during the morning, afternoon and evening, from 6:00 am to over 10:00 pm we had churches out and about impacting their neighborhoods with the message of justice and love of Jesus Christ. Early in the morning, believers offered tea, coffee and chocolates to people along with evangelistic literature. The rest of the day they shared the gospel with everyone and everywhere.

We have been part of the GO Movement since 2014, and now we have joined the GO Decade along with evangelistic alliances in the Dominican Republic. These alliances involve around 7,000 local churches, from which 6,000 churches participate in GO Month in one way or another. During the GO Month 2022 a continental summit of leaders from Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Switzerland and the Dominican Republic gathered. During GO Month:

– Over 6,000 churches participated
– 272,230 believers were mobilized
– Around 40,000 decisions for Christ