The church in Costa Rica has been working on evangelism and prayer these past years with the vision of reaching the whole country with the Gospel. The National Evangelization Plan “Conquering Costa Rica, Land of God” was carried out by a national committee composed of several ministries including: World Missionary Advance, The Movement of Prayer and Revival for Costa Rica and the International Institute of Evangelism in Depth (IINDEF), the Costa Rican Evangelical League Federation. This year Costa Rica Para Cristo Ministry joined the team.

Costa Rica is part of the GO Movement since its start and for many years the annual work started in January where projects are developed during a breakfast meeting where the national leadership plans strategies, and goals. This important meeting is held with the support of the Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance. The attendance this year was 120 leaders and representatives of the churches, denominations, presidents of fraternities and regional leaders, all the 4,000 churches that are in Costa Rica were duly represented in it.

One of our goals this time was to have 3,000 involved in the project. So far we’ve seen 90% of the denominations join the efforts.

During our time of mobilization we visited the 22 regions of the country and later on, throughout the month of April, three days of training was held in each of them. All churches and denominations were included. All the training sessions included the use of resources provided by church ministries as well as follow-up and discipleship resources.

Without any doubts, CRU blessed us and assumed with great seriousness and responsibility the training sessions and the providing of literary and digital resources.

Here is a glance of what we witnessed after making all these efforts:
– 32 Prayer Meetings ahead of GO Month
– 1,000 Simultaneous Crusades on GO Day
– 85,000 New Testaments were distributed
– 1 million flyers were distributed during the last week of GO Month
– 2,725 churches joined GO Movement
– 136,250 believers shared their faith
-The challenge “choose your 10” was implemented successfully
– 1,158,125 non-believers were reached with the Gospel

For the past 10 years GO Month and GO Day has been the only outreach projects implemented in Costa Rica. Surveys show a growth of the evangelical population from 7% to around 28% during this time. During 2022 and GO Month:
– 3,125 pastors and 136,250 Christians were trained in evangelism
– 1,158,125 people were reached with the Gospel
– 725.000 Bibles and tracts shared
– 138.975 decisions for Christ
– 38,911 Christians and 1,200 churches active after GO Month