In Chile, The GO Movement through Evangelismo Global-GO Movement led a work of strategic dissemination and networking with Christian organizations, media, pastors, evangelistic and interdenominational movements, independent pastors. To achieve this we have worked hard hrough the Christmas project in 2021 and July 2022 after the Month of Global Evangelism. Our work intensified significantly during the GO Month (MAY 2022). Without a doubt, this year has been a year of generating networks around the country so we can work together!
Many organizations are involved in various projects, training, expansion of the vision and the work of evangelism during GO Month starting with GO Movement which is a great encouragement.

This year we motivated Christians to evangelize “until it becomes a lifestyle” through different means. One of these was mass media, which helped us reach more than 50 cities in the country with a program called “global evangelism in action” streamed through Radio corporation, the largest radio network in the country. This program inspires, motivates, mobilizes and teaches others about the importance of evangelism and why it should become a lifestyle.

From last year to the present day we believe we are a great influence to leaders, movements and ministries and their work in evangelism. One of the most notable examples is that the March for Jesus (the most popular Christian event) that started in 2006, took a turn into the challenge of evangelizing. We have been invited by the board to work side by side with them.

We also delivered tools for Christians to share their faith. Christians evangelized through social networks, social media, social action, and outreach teams (GO TEAMS). Many young evangelists are part of these teams.

Here are some highlights of GO Month in Chile:
– 560 pastors and 2,800 Christians trained in evangelism
– 480 Churches participated
– 23,000 Christians involved
– 135 decisions for Christ recorded so far
– 15,000 Bibles and tracts distributed

These are the results we witnessed around the country:
– Over 150 churches mobilized
– 14 denominations working together
– 26 para-church organizations involved in evangelism

We will continue to strengthen ties and relationships with partners to establish teams in Chile, and implement training for 100,000 Christians to prepare them for every good work to reach their communities. We will also share different tools that can be used for evangelism in contemporary ways.