We received bracelets to support GO Month in Cameroon Foumban and encourage the soul winners in the field.

A Sunday evening we called on the children living in the neighborhood and they all came to get THE FOUR bracelets. There were 6 of them aged between 5 and 18 years old to whom we gave bracelets while offering to explain the symbols to them, and that’s how we led the six children to the Lord and prayed for them. Back in their house, they presented the bracelets to the parents while adding that they had received a message alongside it. A few minutes later, the parents came to get bracelets and we led them to the Lord too. In one evening, thanks to the bracelets, we led a family of nine people to the Lord.

We received the visit of the national coordinator. During the first visit, he had the privilege of mobilizing the Full Gospel Mission church during the Noun district convention and handing over evangelistic material (tracts and bracelets) to the pastors. As a result of this mobilization more than 130 young people from 8 district assemblies accompanied by 05 pastors went out to preach the Gospel. On the same day, he met with some pastors from the city of Foumban to share the vision of GO Month and provide them with evangelistic material. As a result, at least three other churches in the city got involved in evangelism during the month of May.