In June we saw the graduation ceremony of the students of Emmanuel Bible School in Gaoua. These students were trained and sent to four areas in the province of Poni in the southwest, they traveled for a month and a half to work on evangelism. As a result, 363 people converted to Christianity in Zone of Batié, 311 in Zone of Djégonao, 341 in Zone of Nako and a church was established in Godjile, and two churches were planted in Sakalao and Djatouléla.

We give thanks to God for this work, let us pray for the salvation and growth of these souls.

Some of the statistics we received from around the country are:

– 363 Christians Trained to evangelize
– 5,299 people Reached with the Gospel
– 21 churches participated in GO Month
– 1,424 new converts
– 6 new churches planted

Children receive evangelistic flyers in GO Month