At the “Billion Soul Harvest” meeting, the leaders of various works thought about anchoring April 14th as a worldwide day in the calendars. On this day prayer should be given especially for children and the gospel should be shared with them. Children should also be equipped and enabled to reach other children. «As leaders of the GO Movement, we agree that we should work together. The day will help reach more children,” writes Beat Baumann, International Director of the GO Movement. According to Candy Marballi, Managing Director of The Prayer Covenant, more than 40 Christian children’s ministries worldwide are already taking part and now the Global Children’s Task Force is supposed to really launch April 14 together with various other players. Beat Baumann: «Let’s connect and include all the important movements and ministries so that April 14th is known in every local church, similar to the day of persecuted Christians, GO Day and so on.»