By 2033, one billion people should hear the message of Jesus, according to the vision of “Billion Soul Harvest.” Young Cho, International Director of Billion Soul Harvest, partner of GO Movement: “‘Billion Soul Harvest’ is more of a vision than a movement. We want to be a catalyst bringing together all catalysts to gather visions and missions for the great harvest. It is therefore a great organization of committed ministries.”

Why Just a Billion?

“Founder Dr. James Wong is an oncologist and visionary. And he is dedicated to the Great Commission.”

The name “Billion Soul Harvest” figuratively means “One Million Soul Harvest”. The organization has already hosted conferences in various locations.

Young Cho recalls how the unusual name came about: “We once had a small meeting with world leaders in our building in Colorado Springs. And someone just shouted ‘billion.'”

The term “Billion Souls Harvest” was coined by Bill Bight of Campus for Christ. “He spoke in 2002 of winning a billion people to Christ.”

Reaching everyone by 2033

The vision of “Billion Soul Harvest” is that by 2033 billion people will be won to Christ. “The year 2033 is 2000 years after the resurrection, ascension and Pentecost. It does not mean that Jesus will come on this day, but we want all people, all nations on earth, to have heard the gospel. And not only that, but that at least another billion souls shall find Christ.