“Among other things, we spoke to three young people who had dressed interestingly,” recalls Kathrin Nachtigal, Senior Project Manager at GO Movement. “We approached them and it turned out that they are Christians, belong to a Protestant congregation, and were visiting Berlin. We told them about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. They did not know this yet, so the three of them experienced the baptism of the Spirit. That was really cool, they were beaming afterward.” 

More valuable than flowers 

The team also approached another man who was traveling with a large group. “They said they had to leave, but he wanted to continue talking to us and stopped. He said that his sister is also a total believer, but that this was not for him. He also had many flowers tattooed on his body as a sign that he wants to become like a flower that doesn’t have to think about anything and that lives on its own. He said that there was so much suffering in the world and everything was so bad. Accepting Jesus would have been one step too much for him, but we were allowed to pray for him. We told him that there is a God who loves him totally and that he is precious.” 

142 people reached in Berlin 

Forty to 50 Christians participated in the GO Day mission in Berlin. They spoke with 142 people about the gospel, and many more heard the message of salvation through a microphone at a public event. Christians prayed for 113 people, and two people were healed, eight made a decision to follow Christ, and four baptisms in the Holy Spirit took place.