The GO Movement India is gaining momentum. . As in many other countries, the GO Decade was launched in what is now the most populated country in the world. In a first step, a national core team with five key departments was formed. This was followed by two meetings at the national level in two different zones. Key leaders and leaders of various denominations were invited to participate in the meeting to formulate the vision for the GO Decade. It was an on-site meeting with a few sessions attended by leaders of Christian communities as well as Christian ministries in the country. A total of 1,540 people were connected via Zoom or present at the physical meetings. The state most affected by the persecution of Christians is Uttarpradesh. . “In this state, we had 195 Zoom participants at the GO Decade Visions meeting. This proves that God is at work even in the face of greater persecution,” says someone from the local GO Movement team.