Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries. People need the gospel. Pastor Harun Simsang of the national GO Movement in Bangladesh is confident: “Bangladesh should be saved.”

Only seven countries have more people than Bangladesh, a country with a population of 171 million. And it is for this multitude of people that Harun Simsang’s heart burns. He is passionate about being a pastor, says Harun Simsang: “I love it, sometimes I’m like Peter.”

Harun Simsang recalls: “I wanted to be a police officer. But God’s plan was different. He called me into Christian ministry. Now I see that God has chosen me to evangelize and build leadership.”

It takes leaders

Harun Simsang asks the groundbreaking question: “If we don’t build leaders for the next generation, what will happen? That’s why I’m always focused on building more leaders. Because what happens if we build the GO Movement and we don’t have more leaders?”

It is important to reach Bangladesh.  Pastor Harun Simsang calculates: “Most of the inhabitants of the country are Muslims. Christians make up less than one percent of the population.”

Nevertheless, there is a certain freedom in the country: “We can celebrate Easter and build churches.” 

All good things come in 64

In total, there are 64 districts in Bangladesh. “We want to reach all of them,” says Harun Simsang, looking ahead. “I haven’t been to every district myself, but I have connections to every one of them, through pastor friends and church planters. It’s easy for me to work with them, I have good access to them. Now we are working on a timetable, everyone can come to it. »

An encouragement for the local pastors is to see how the GO Movement is growing worldwide.

Public appearances possible

Although Bangladesh is a Muslim country, there are no restrictions, according to Pastor Harun Simsang. “But there are radical groups that want to slow us down. These fundamentalists cause problems – but not always.”

There are opportunities to spread the gospel publicly, “we can, for example, appear in marketplaces.”

Bangladesh is big, “I can’t go everywhere. But in turn, I can reach others. Now we are trying to mobilize the districts. As Christians, we are free to share the gospel.” Harun Simsang has one request: “Bed for us. As a minority, we are discriminated against.”