Pray, Care, Share, disciple

Pray for the harvest: We incorporate two basic prayers fit for every believer: “Lord of the harvest, send out workers. (Luke 10:2)”, “Here I am, Lord, send me!”

Care for the people: You could meet people to serve their physical needs; while a church may organize humanitarian projects.

Share the Gospel: Every believer was called to be a witness by Christ. We can share his Good News through personal evangelism, public proclamation, and digital evangelism.

Make disciples: For an individual Christian spend time with someone who is a new Christian, integrate them into a church. For a church, this could mean Sunday services dedicated to “not-yet” believers, as well as meetings for new believers.

The Gospel has Power

Sharing the Gospel is not about being a rhetorical genius! God sent his only son to bring salvation to every human being on the entire earth. Share the message of love, hope, forgiveness, and change; in a way that is authentic to you. Only Jesus and His Gospel have the power to save.

You don’t need to go alone

Lean on your community and your church family and invite others into this calling with you. Build outreach groups and set up public outreaches. Or challenge each other to share the Gospel in everyday situations.

Your Story matters

You have experienced how salvation through Jesus Christ changed your life. Share your personal testimony and describe how and why you became a believer in Christ. Your story can change a life forever.

You can do this in a personal conversation or on social media using #hopestory and #bestdayofmylife. Nominate 5 others to do the same.

Imagine how sharing your story, and your experiences with God could change your community, neighborhood, workplace, and family. And what if every believer on earth did the same?! The impact on humanity is beyond imagination.

You will receive ­power when the Holy ­Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses. — Acts 1:8

Pray for BOB

Sometimes evangelism can feel intimidating, or you just don’t feel like doing it. Take time to pray and ask God to renew you. Pray for BOB:

B – Burden for the lost: pray for passion for the people who need Jesus.

O – Open doors: pray for situations in which you can share the Gospel.

B – Boldness: pray for the boldness to share the Gospel without holding back.

One A Month

Pray for God to provide you an opportunity to share the Gospel each month. Take courage and approach someone, or just start a conversation to tell someone about Jesus. Everyone can do that.

Reach 12 people within a year. Start immediately or try sharing the Gospel on GO Day.

Motivate some friends and share the Gospel once a month on #GoShareDay.

One A Week

Start your week with prayer. Then, look for opportunities to share the Gospel with someone. Since you’re talking to many people during a regular week, use occurring conversations to tell someone about Jesus.

Reach 5 people within a month or up to 52 people within a year. To get started become a part of GO Month.

One A Day

Start every day with prayer. Then seek opportunities to share the Gospel. You will need to actively approach someone you might not know, but God and his Gospel power will be with you.

You can reach 30-31 people within a month. Get started in May and become a part of GO Month.

Imagine reaching 365 people within a year.


Pray for five people and reach tem with the Gospel.

  • Make a list of five people you know
  • Pray for each of them
  • Share the Gospel with them in five weeks

Do it your own way

These are just ideas! In the end, you know the best way to share the Gospel that fits your personality as well as your culture.

There has never been just one way to share the Gospel with others.

Pray-Care-Share-Disciple Mindset

Praying for the harvest, caring for the people, sharing the Gospel, and making disciples can be incorporated into every situation.

  • Pray: Who is in your workplace, school, neighborhood, or family that you can pray for right now as we ask God to open doors for the Gospel? 
  • Care: Who can you serve or invest in relationally – by bringing a meal, calling on the phone, engaging in conversation, or by sending a care package to? Authentically care for the people around you – physically or virtually.
  • Share: Who is someone you would like to share Jesus with? Be courageous and loving in starting a conversation about Jesus in person, over the phone, through text, or on social media. 
  • Disciple: Who is interested in learning more about Jesus or is new to the faith? Invite them to a service at your church and spend time with them.

Are you ready to be a witness for Christ?

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