In Angola, a Christian group reached an island in the DR Congo that’s only accessible by boat. The Christians are building a school and a chapel for the people of this island and plan to penetrate even further into the jungle. “The GO Movement Angola begins with the construction of a school for children on the Ilha do Luamba,” reports someone from the local GO Movement and quotes two Bible verses – the words in Galatians 2:10: “They asked us only one thing: We should not forget the poor in the church of Jerusalem. And that’s what I’ve always stood for.” As well as Acts 10:38, which says: “Jesus of Nazareth, the Saviour promised by God, went from place to place. He did good everywhere and healed all those whom the devil had in his power, for God himself had given him his power and the Holy Spirit. God stood by him.”

Literally, everything has to be brought in a small boat. Incredible dedication to show the love of Jesus and spread the Good News.