On July 10, 2022 Werner Nachtigal will celebrate a special anniversary: ​​555 days in a row he explained the Gospel to at least one person. Aviel Fix, Evangelist on the GO Movement team, has about the same number of encounters over a similar period of time.

Since January 1, 2021, Werner Nachtigal, founder and president of the GO Movement, has been sharing the gospel with at least one person every day. This goes back to “One a Day”, a challenge that grew out of an idea for GO Month (“One a Day in May”).
On July 10, 2022, Werner Nachtigal will have 555 days of 1:1 evangelism in a row.

A thrilling time: “I experienced the whole spectrum. For example, while on vacation in Crete, I shared the gospel with a drunk on an air mattress. Or via the Lovoo chat platform, I came into contact with a Syrian who had ended up in a asylum because he couldn’t deal with the war. He asked me if I believed in miracles – I was about to start talking to him about faith, but he came up with it himself.” He too heard the message of hope. “He was converted on the spot.”

“Another time I asked a bouncer in front of a swingers club where he will spend eternity.” This resulted in a three-quarter hour, serious conversation about faith.